What are the Punishments of Theft in Islamic Sharia Law and Reason?

Islamic proves a religion of prosperity and mercifulness, but in some case like theft or steel anything law of Islam must act for maintaining equilibrium in society. Here are some things to be considered in this case. Review explained of sharia law in details.

islamic sharia law punishments

  • The person should be an adult i.e. has achieved puberty.
  • These items should be under some kind of security or are guarded by a guard or the owner. This will exclude things such as water from a river, fruit from a tree etc. Items that are deemed unlawful according to Islam and a person steals them with intention of getting rid of them, will also not fall in category of being a thief.
  • There is also restriction on the amount or value of the item being stolen. It is equivalent to 4.374 grams of gold. If a person has stolen an amount lesser or an item that has a value lesser than the amount of 4.374 grams of gold than he will not qualify for the punishment of having his arm amputated.

Islamic sharia law

As it is quite obvious that these conditions are all supposed to be met before the punishment can actually be given to a person. Again, the purposes of punishment in Shariah Law are to give sense of security and to avoid any chaos in an Islamic society.

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