Scope of Sharia Law and Its Effects on Individuals

Sharia law is commonly known as Islamic Law. This law has primarily been derived from Quran, word of Allah that is unchangeable, and Sunnah, the traditions and actions of Prophet (SAW).

Equality of islamic Sharia

  • Scope of Sharia Law:

There is one major difference between Sharia Law and other judicial systems. Sharia Law basically covers every aspect of an individual’s life. This includes family life, property rights, and rights to state and also to God. Sharia law defines how an individual should lead his life especially when it is concerning to one own self.

Women Rights in Islam

  • Affects of Sharia Law on an Individual:

As already explained, Sharia law covers every aspect of an individual’s life. This means that even the usage of new brand of toothpaste can become a serious matter for a Muslim. The question may arise that whether this toothpaste is permissible or impermissible depending on various factors such as ingredients, source etc.

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