Muslim Sharia Punishment

Under the laws and prescription of the Muslim Shariah, very Muslim who comes inside the premises of Islam has to follow Shariah. Shariah describes the set of rules and code of conduct to lead a perfect life.

Muslim Sharia and  Islamic culture

Islamic Shariah has primarily been derived from the Holy book Quran and the practices of the great Prophet of Allah Almighty. Following the preaching of Shariah is a compulsory obligation to all the Muslims.

Islamic Sharia legal system

Whoever does not pursue has to go through certain levels of punishments according to his or her act. The act of not following or moving against Shariah Law is termed as a ‘Sin.’ Sin has different levels and forms described under the Shariah Law. The punishments are not savagely cruel but they are fair and can be severe depending upon the nature of committing the sin.

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