Islamic Sharia Marriage

Islam lays great importance on the bond of Marriage. It is considered sacred and great emphasis has been put on bonding a man and woman together through the bond of marriage. There are many rules and regulations that Muslims have to follow while being married. Some of theIslamic Shairam are as following:

  • Nikkah, the marriage contract, takes place in presence of two male witnesses or one male and two female witnesses. All of the witnesses have to be adult.
  • Husband has to bestow gifts to his wife upon marriage also known as mehr. This mehr is only payable to the bride and not to anybody else, not even her guardian.
  • Even though marriage is considered a sacred bond, still a husband can seek divorce from his wife and wife can seek khula from her husband if required.
  • A muslim man can marry a non muslim woman but she has to belong to ‘people of the book’ also known as jews or Christians. However, a muslim woman cannot marry a non muslim man.
  • Muslim Sharia explanation in quran
  • A muslim man is allowed to have more than one wife at a time, this is allowed. Man has to ask permission from his other wife or wives. He can marry upto a maximum of four wives at a time. On the other hand, it is prohibited for a woman to have more than one husband at a time.
  • Marriage between muslims take place after muslim man or woman reaches puberty. At time of achieving puberty, they are considered to be adults.

non-muslims in muslim sharia council

  • Marriage between muslim man and muslim woman is only considered legal if it is not forced. The groom should agree and bride should also show her consent, either herself or through her guardian. Both, man or woman, can send their proposals directly or can use a relative or guardian to convey the proposal.
  • The marriage takes place in presence of Qazi who also performs the registration.
  • After the Nikkah, Walima takes place. This is a celebration hosted by the groom and his family. This is considered as a welcome gesture to the bride.
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Marriage is a very sacred bond in Islam. Divorce is frowned upon. Any Muslim man or woman getting into marriage contract should understand the important of marriage and should fulfill all the necessary legal and religious requirements for it.

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