Islamic Sharia Law

Shariah law, also known as Islamic law, is basically the law of Allah or law for mankind by Allah. Sharia Law covers a wide range of subjects especially ones that are related to personal matter

, but it is not just limited to individuals and in their personal affairs. Sharia Law also plays its part in governing the r

Islamic Sharia

Basic of Islamic Sharia , Key of truth

ole of an individual in the society. Any society consists of individuals that are part of it and Sharia Law defines the code through which individuals need to lead their lives.

Sharia Law is a One Law For All

There are four sources through which Sharia Law is practiced. Quran, the unchanged word of Allah, and Sunnah, actions and traditions linked to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are considered as the primary source of Sharia Law. Quran and Sunnah basically define the way individuals should leave their lives in accordance with Islam. They also cover wide areas; such as, marriage, business, politics, war etc. However, if there are still questions that need to be answer or explanation is required on what’s mentioned in the two primary sources then it can be determined through two other mediums; one is known as Ijma, that is mutual consent of prominent and trusted Islamic scholars, and the other is Qiyas, that is making a judgment on basis of analogical reasoning by an individual.

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