Islamic Sharia Law Explained

The lives of Muslims are governed by a specific code or law known as Islamic Sharia law. Any action taken by a Muslim can be broadly categorized into two categories: Permitted or Prohibited. Sharia Law helps to determine whether a certain action is according to the teachings of Islam or not. If the particular action fulfills all the Sharia Law requirements than it can be considered as permissible; however, if Sharia Law deems it as inappropriate or an act that is not worthy of a Muslim than it is prohibited. The permissible acts can be classified further into other categories; such as obligatory, recommended etc.  Islamic Shaira (7)

Quran and Sunnah forms the basis of Sharia Law. They are the fundamental sources of Islamic Sharia Law. For any issue, whether it’s related to an individual or related to business partnership or linked to marriage etc, Quran and Sunnah are to be consulted for solution. If solution isn’t available in either of these primary sources then Ijma and Qiyas can be used to come to resolution or to find solution to a problem.

Muslim sharia Banking system


Ijma and Qiyas are of vital importance in today’s world. Muslims are faced with new questions concerning their faith on a daily basis. These questions can vary from simple ones; whether a new brand of soap is permissible or not, to critical ones, whether watching movies is allowed or not. It requires a long and deep thought process since the solution can have long term implications.

Muslim Sharia Law and Islam

Punishments are to be handed over to the offenders as per Shariah Law. The court proceedings in Islamic Sharia Law consist of primarily a judge. The judge is the prime person to hand out punishments. There is no involvement of jury whatsoever. The representation is to be done by both parties, that is, offender and plaintiff by themselves. Hence, there are no lawyers involved as well. Sharia courts pay great importance to witnesses. Since there isn’t concept of pre trail case, hence, not much evidence is available. This makes witnesses even more critical. Oral testimony and Oath, both, play a major role in the whole case.

Muslim Sharia law  A brief introduction

Muslims are expected to spend their lives according to Sharia Law. It is fundamental for every Muslim to believe in Allah and Islamic Sharia Law can basically be summarized as law of Allah. Hence, it becomes essential for Muslim to believe in Sharia Law and follow it with all his heart..



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