Islamic Sharia Law Explained, Broader Scenario

In Islam, there is a staunch belief in the concept of Unity of God or Tauhid. It means that “there is no God but Allah” or it may cover a pantheistic position, to quote H.A.R Gibb and J.H Kramers in Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam sharia.

Islamic system is strongly against polytheism or associating a companion with God. On the contrary, Hinduism has a belief in polytheism and worship of idols. Hindus believe in metempsychosis.

sharia law explained

Sharia Law Explained in Broader Way

There are many Gods and godlings in Hinduism and this number is always increasing.

sharia law examples


Similarly, Buddhists also believe in the concept of metempsychosis. In addition to that, the religion Shintoism is also based on polytheism. There are 48 crore gods and goddesses in this religion.

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