In recent times, there has been a debate that will Sharia Law ever be implemented in UK. Many aspects of Sharia Law may not be acceptable to people who are Non Muslims. They might think of these laws to be outdated, cruel, lacking compassion without acknowledging how effective they can be in bringing down the crime rates and also resolving civil law suits.

Islamic sharia law

Islamic sharia for women and men


  • One of the most common and well known Sharia Law is cutting off hands in case of theft and robbery. This applied when somebody intentionally steals something valuable (over a certain threshold) belonging to someone else without their knowledge. Now this law may seem inhumane in modern times but where muslim countries where Sharia Law is implemented, the rate of robbery and theft is quite low compared to other countries.
  • Women's Rights in Islam  Regarding Sharia
  • Another well known Sharia law, which is criticized by many, is beheading of murderer if it is proven that he has killed an innocent person. People criticize it as being very harsh; however, many tend to ignore that Islam encourages forgiveness. The victim’s family can be compensated through blood money or victim’s family can chose to forgive the murderer.
  • Support for  Muslim Sharia Law Around the World

Sharia encourages these punishments to be handed out in public. The main reason for this is to make others learn a lesson and avoid from acting in a manner that is harmful to others and society in general. Public flogging for adultery or cutting of hands in public for theft may only be a strict reminder to people that no one is above law and every action has its repercussions.

Women Rights and islamic sharia council

However, in UK, this cannot be handed out in public. It will be considered cruel and harsh, especially, stoning people for committing adultery or lashing someone for drinking alcohol. The debate for complete implementation of Sharia Law will never end. There will always be criticism and support for it. There are always going to be pros and cons for it. However, it’s the same for modern judicial systems. Death penalty is handed out in many countries for taking another person’s life; however, few countries have completely abolished it. Hence, there isn’t any right way to go about it. But no one can deny the effectiveness of Sharia Law and the impact it has on societies where it has been implemented even if to certain extent.

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