How Sharia Law of Islam Set Rules of Equity?

Islam is basically derived from an Arabic word salaama; meaning peace, submission, purity and obedience. Islam Sharia means absolute submission to the will of God and obedience to his laws. Allah sent his messengers and prophets on earth to teach lessons of love, peace, friendship and spiritual values to mankind.

Equality of islamic Sharia

These messengers of Allah were sent during different time periods of human existence. Sharia law of Islam is set due to peace and rights for women and men as well as defines rights of Non-Muslim as well.

Characteristics of an Islamic Society:

Islam lays down the guideline to create an entire social circle in which people interact with each other in peace and harmony. Everyone realize their roles and responsibilities associated with these roles.Here some sharia law explained in detail.

sharia law examples

Children recognize the rights of their parents upon them and parents recognize their duties and responsibilities toward their children. That’s why sharia of Islam set rules for peace and mankind.

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