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Complete Non-Muslim Rights under Muslim Sharia

Islam is a complete code of life and it teaches equality to its followers in all aspects of life. It not only protects the rights of the Muslims but non-Muslims are equally given utmost importance regarding many aspects. Islam safeguards the rights of the non-Muslims in a very refined way. It ensures that nobody is […]

Muslim Sharia Punishment

Under the laws and prescription of the Muslim Shariah, very Muslim who comes inside the premises of Islam has to follow Shariah. Shariah describes the set of rules and code of conduct to lead a perfect life. Islamic Shariah has primarily been derived from the Holy book Quran and the practices of the great Prophet […]

Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia can simply be defined as the code or rules according to which a Muslim is expected to act in his individual life as well as in society. It is the moral code that explains the law, ethics and system that every Muslim is to follow in every matter of his life. This includes […]

Islamic Sharia Law Punishments

In Shariah Law, punishments or penalties for committing certain crimes is already mentioned in Quran or in Sunnah. These are known as Hudud. The punishments or penalties for Hudud cases are already fixed. However, in cases, where the punishment or penalty for a crime is not mentioned in both these sources then judge is the […]