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The True Spirit of Muslim Sharia Faith and Law

Muslim Sharia is based on a set of instructions laid by the Quran and Hadith or Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to become a law. Muslim Sharia or Islamic Law is composed of five main sections: Adab (behavior, morals and mannerisms), Ibadah (worship), I’tiqadat (beliefs), Mu’amalat (transactions and contracts and routine affairs) and ‘Uqubat […]

Islamic Sharia Law Explained, Broader Scenario

In Islam, there is a staunch belief in the concept of Unity of God or Tauhid. It means that “there is no God but Allah” or it may cover a pantheistic position, to quote H.A.R Gibb and J.H Kramers in Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam sharia. Islamic system is strongly against polytheism or associating a companion with […]